Thursday, February 1, 2018

Long Range UHF RFID tags OPP9020 solution for industrial applications

The Long Range UHF RFID tags OPP9020 is a UHF Gen 2 passive RFID tag specifically designed to provide extremely long read range up to 10.8 meters on metal surfaces.

Made of FR4 plastic, the compact, sleek and robust encasement withstands shocks, vibrations, weather agents and many chemicals making the OPP9020 an excellent long range passive UHF RFID tag solution for industrial applications that require high durability and very long read range.

The tag is recommended for cargo container tracking, yard and fleet management, pallet and other Returnable Transport Item (RTI) tracking, enhanced visibilty of assets in the automotive, maritime, railway and military sectors.

OPP9020 Long Range UHF tag is available in different colors and can be attached with industrial adhesive or optional bracket for screw/rivet mounting.