Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Concrete embeddable passive RFID tag OPP4601

OPP IOT has launched the OPP4601, an UHF RFID tag designed to be mounted on and also embedded in concrete so that RFID can be used to uniquely identify building materials improving the management of construction processes. 

The OPP4601 provides read range up to 6 m when used on the surface and read range up to 2 m when embedded in concrete at a depth of 10 cm. Designed to withstand  the heat and pressure of the curing process, the OPP4601 features holes for being attached by cable ties to metal support rods before cement is poured. Also standard screw holes are present for secure fastening on the surface of the concrete part. The rugged encasement features IP68 ingress protection and allows the OPP4601 to survive high impact and other extreme conditions typical of construction yard. The OPP4601 works reliably also on metal surfaces.

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