Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Ceramic rfid tags CER0602

Ceramic UHF RFID Tags cer0602 are designed to embed into tiny indentations of metallic parts and components. These durable, hard tags achieve best read performance in metallic environments. The housing is made of ceramic, encased with durable black paint and fulfills ingress protection IP 68. Available in 16 sizes from 4 x 4 mm to 30 x 30 mm, OPP IOT Ceramic tags are well suited to tap the benefits of passive RFID for a wide-variety of industrial applications such as IT asset tracking, inventory control, as well as track and trace of small tools and manufacturing equipment.

Ceramic UHF RFID Tags cer0602 is a passive, battery-less transponder manufactured to embed into metallic parts and components. Equipped with the Alien Higgs-3 integrated circuit, these durable tags offer 512-bit user memory and a flexible read/write range depending on the reader.

* Small form factor (6 x 2 mm).
* Equipped with the Alien Higgs 3 IC chip.
* Durable ceramic UHF RFID tag.
* Housing made of ceramic, encased with durable black paint.
* Ideal solution for space-restricted applications.
* Read distances of 20-30 cm on metallic surfaces.
* Common applications: industry, supply chain, and asset management.


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Concrete embeddable passive RFID tag OPP4601

OPP IOT has launched the OPP4601, an UHF RFID tag designed to be mounted on and also embedded in concrete so that RFID can be used to uniquely identify building materials improving the management of construction processes. 

The OPP4601 provides read range up to 6 m when used on the surface and read range up to 2 m when embedded in concrete at a depth of 10 cm. Designed to withstand  the heat and pressure of the curing process, the OPP4601 features holes for being attached by cable ties to metal support rods before cement is poured. Also standard screw holes are present for secure fastening on the surface of the concrete part. The rugged encasement features IP68 ingress protection and allows the OPP4601 to survive high impact and other extreme conditions typical of construction yard. The OPP4601 works reliably also on metal surfaces.

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

UHF on metal ceramic tag

OPP IOT UHF ceramic on metal RFID tag is based on ceramic material packaging with high electrical characteristics and high temperature resistance. The RFID antenna for ceramic substrate is different from the etched copper antenna on the PCB substrate. it is printed by conductive silver paste. The tag sensitivity is high because of small dielectric loss and stable antenna performance.
Ceramic on metal tags are suitable for a variety of relatively harsh operation environments, such as high temperature industrial production or open spaces, medical instruments disinfection, open towers near poles or near the equator, utility poles, road assets, equipments patrol inspection etc.

OPPIOT Technologies Co., Ltd provide various Ceramic RFID tags with diferent size,also accept Customization.
UHF Ceramic tag The smallest is only 4x4x3mm Want to get a specific datasheet? Please email us. info@oppiot.com