Thursday, April 23, 2020

UHF on metal ceramic tag

OPP IOT UHF ceramic on metal RFID tag is based on ceramic material packaging with high electrical characteristics and high temperature resistance. The RFID antenna for ceramic substrate is different from the etched copper antenna on the PCB substrate. it is printed by conductive silver paste. The tag sensitivity is high because of small dielectric loss and stable antenna performance.
Ceramic on metal tags are suitable for a variety of relatively harsh operation environments, such as high temperature industrial production or open spaces, medical instruments disinfection, open towers near poles or near the equator, utility poles, road assets, equipments patrol inspection etc.

OPPIOT Technologies Co., Ltd provide various Ceramic RFID tags with diferent size,also accept Customization.
UHF Ceramic tag The smallest is only 4x4x3mm Want to get a specific datasheet? Please email us.

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