Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Compact Ceramic UHF Tags

For on metal RFID Tags, there are a series of RFID tags are designed for working on metal surface. When it comes to the  autoclave sterilization cycles environment, we have to use the ceramic tags that can withstand this special environment. The compact ceramic UHF tags can have good performance when applied on metal surface, they are most used in the automotive line, electronic components and board management like reflow compatible.

UHF ceramic tags are usually used in tracking small tools, metal environment . They can be heat resistant, water proof, rugged, autoclave environment ect. OPPIOT have a full serial of ceramic tags with different size available for different application.
Size available: 04*04mm, 05*05mm, 5*2.5mm, 06*02mm, 10*1.8mm, 10*2.5mm, 10*5mm, 12*7mm,13*9mm, 19*9mm,21*17mm, 25*09mm, 25*25mm,30*30mm, D10MM, D16MM. They are good option for  scalpel tracking, bearing tracking , auto spare parts tracking .We can provide customized RFID ceramic tag design upon your industrial application.

If you want to know more about the OPPIOT’s industrial tags, welcome to contact our sales representative freely, Annie Lee, at, skype: oprfidtechnology. With detailed project we can give you good suggestion on the suitable industrial tags that meet your project requirement.

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