Monday, June 8, 2020

OPPIOT Releases New High Temperature Stainless Steel RFID Tags OPPD30

Need to track assets exposed to extreme high heat, high presure? OPP IOT has the perfect tags for you.
Tracking components used during the manufacturing under extreme high temperature can be a real challenge.In pratical applications, RFID tags might easily damage when applied to some extreme environments such as high temperature and high pressure. To solve this pain point in the industry, OPP IOT has developed a durable high temperature resistant on metal tag OPPD30. Made of durable 304 stainless steel laminated material, it can resist high temperature up to 260℃. With high durability, long read range, high sensitivity, shock and vibration resistance, OPPD30 can be applied to various metal environments especially for high temperature. Applying Alien Higgs-3 chip, encapsulated in tough and rugged 304 steel, OPPD30 is with high impact and vibration performance. It can be welded onto metal directly and can aslo by screwing, binding or adhesive. The read range on metal can reach up to 2.4m. OPPD30 can be used for many industrial manufacturing applications to bring automated inventory tracking into the factory such as process management in automotive manufacturing, identification of metal assets in oil & gas, construction or mining industry.

OPP IOT is a cutting-edge company that prides itself on meeting or surpassing all industry-specific safety standards, regulations and guidelines. OPP IOT's products are fully customizable and backed with an industry-best guarantee.
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